Pipe Fittings

ss Bite type fittiings are available for the following types of pipes:

(a) Metric size Outside Diameter pipes to DIN 2391/C or equivalent standards.
(b) Inch size Outside Diameter pipes to B.S.3601/3602/3605 or equivalent standards.
(c) Inch size Nominal Bore pipes to B.S.1387-1957 or equivalent standards.

Metric series

Flareless Bite type fittings for Metric OD pipe sizes are classified into three broad categories according to DIN 2353, and are based on the nominal pressure ratings of pipes in common use:

Pipe OD
Nominal pressure
LL   light
4-8 mm
Pneumatic and lubrication systems, synthetic piping and low-pressure applications not exceeding 100 kg/cm2
6-15 mm

For medium pressure range applications up to 250 kg/cm2 and below

18-22 mm
28-42 mm
6-14 mm

Heavy industrial, shipbuilding, mining and chemical industry pressure piping involving severe mechanical stresses

16-25 mm
30-38 mm

*These nominal working pressures are based on a Safety Factor of 4:1 and assume uniform load conditions at temperatures up to 120o C. Allowance must, however, be made for ambient conditions involving heavy impact pressure, mechanical strain and vibrations.

Inch series

Flareless Bite type fittings for Inch OD and Inch Nominal Bore pipe sizes are designed for applications with the following nominal pressures:                                                         

Pipe size Outside Diameter
Nominal Bore
Nominal working pressure
1″ and under
3/4″ and under
6000 p.s.i
1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″
1″, 1 1/4″
3000 p.s.i
1 1/2″
2000 p.s.i


Flareless Bite type fittings are designed for use with pipes specified by their outside diameters or nominal bores, and ofthe materials described below. In all cases, these pipes must
• be of seamless construction • have precision tolerances on their outside diameters • have a blemish-free surface • be in a fully annealed condition with hardness not exceeding RB70.
In certain medium and low pressure application, Cold-drawn ERW pipes of nominal bores are also suitable


Carbon steel pipes conforming to DIN 2391 / C or B.S. 3601 /3602/1778, fully annealed, descaled and phosphated / oiled for adequate protection against rust in storage and while in use. Stainless steel pipes conforming to DIN 2391 or B. S. 3605, provided their outside diameter complies with the ‘Close Tolerance System’. Copper, aluminium, cupro-nickel and other ferrous/ non-ferrous metal pipes conforming to the pertinent specifications and subject to the tolerance constraints there under.

Pipe wall thickness recommendations

The minimum wall thicknesses specified in various standards for seamless pipes are based on the nominal working pressures, and are given below for the popular types. The fittings featured in this catalogue will be applicable to pipes of other relevant standards on an equivalent basis.
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